KyoBo Life Insurance Regional Offices
Client: Kyobo Life Insurance Inc.
Completion Date: 1987

Tai Soo Kim Partners was engaged to develop a prototype office building that could be adapted quickly to various locations, reflecting the nature of the specific community and the progressive image of this established company. The building program consisted of a series of 10-story office buildings, each approximately 150,000 sq. ft. with customer service on the first two floors and corporate offices above.

The building orientation, setbacks, streetscape and fenestrations were carefully considered at each site. Standardized systems and materials available locally, such as the exterior stone cladding contributed to the cost effectiveness of the building program. The infusion of natural light which is controlled through low-e glazing and sun screening was an essential component to the creation of interiors which support worker productivity.

TSKP STUDIO developed the prototype in 1995 and began site-specific designs the following year. This project was completed in 1998. Three other projects were constructed; in Yeo Soo, Soo Wan and Ahn Young.